NSW waiting period before getting 60I Certificate

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22 July 2021
ex wife refuses to attend Family dispute Resolution meetings or negotiate any parental plains, how long is the waiting time before I get the 60I Certificate?
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6 February 2019
Under the Family Dispute Practitioners regulations, a practitioner should adhere to the below requirements regarding the issue of a S60I ...

(4) A family dispute resolution practitioner may give a certificate under paragraph 60I (8) (a) of the Act only if the practitioner, or a person acting for the practitioner, has, at least twice, contacted each party who has failed to attend, with at least 1 contact in writing:

(a) giving the party a reasonable choice of days and times for attendance at family dispute resolution; and

(b) telling the party that, if the party does not attend family dispute resolution:

(i) the practitioner may give a certificate under paragraph 60I (8) (a) of the Act; and

(ii) the certificate may be taken into account by a court when determining whether to make an order under section 13C of the Act referring the parties to family dispute resolution or to award costs against a party under section 117 of the Act.

SOURCE >>> FAMILY LAW (FAMILY DISPUTE RESOLUTION PRACTITIONERS) REGULATIONS 2008 - REG 26 Family dispute resolution practitioner certificates