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Certification is the formal attestation or confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, assessment, or audit. Accreditation is a specific organization's process of certification. According to the U.S. National Council on Measurement in Education, a certification test is a credentialing test used to determine whether individuals are knowledgeable enough in a given occupational area to be labeled "competent to practice" in that area.

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  1. M

    VIC certificate of occupancy

    Can a certificate of occupancy be provisioned if there are known non compliant building issues , or open dispute around compliance concerns
  2. H

    NSW Changing a Death Certificate

    Hi, early 2023 my uncle in the UK passed away, probate occured early this year, but his will was dated back to 1991. My uncle assigned a portion of his estate to my father, who unfortunately passed away in 2013. The will stated that in my fathers passing that my fathers children would be...
  3. S

    QLD Can you be made to work longer hours than stated on a medical certificate

    Hi - I have an ongoing medical condition - DVT and post thrombotic syndrome. My employer is aware of this. I have a medical certificate from my GP that states I am not allowed to work more than 8.5 hours per day. This is actually my contractual daily hours so essentially the medical certificates...
  4. J

    Changing Birth Certificate

    When my daughter was born, her mother (wife) and I were separated. Unknown to me, my wife did not put me on the birth certificate. My wife has died and custody of this child and her older brother (also mine) is now with me and I have just discovered the issue with the birth certificate. How...
  5. OracleImmigrationConsult

    VIC What are the best courses of Commercial cookery for International Students who want to study in Australia?

    What are the best courses of Commercial cookery for International Students who want to study in Australia? Commercial cookery courses are one of the most important trade courses for international students in Australia. There are 4 types of commercial cookery courses for international students...
  6. R

    NSW Employer won't provide separation certificate

    Hi, I've asked my employer for a separation certificate and they allege I owe them money. They won't issue one until that is paid in full. Is this allowed? It's for Centrelink
  7. Skateboard

    Solicitor certified copy of death certificate knowing it was a false document.

    A Family member completed the Death Certificate of another family member who died, the information left of her husband and three daughters. He did this to make it easier to claim property that the deceased had overseas as he was the only sibling or relative on the death certificate. He then...
  8. G

    Birth Certificate NSW - Daughter wants to remove Fathers Name

    My daughter (17) wishes to remove her Fathers details from her Birth Certificate and change her Surname from his last name to mine. I told her that neither would be doable without his written consent. Besides full Custody, the court removed his Parental Responsibility quite a few years ago...
  9. TroutsVisa

    What's the difference between diploma, graduate diploma, advance diploma Vocational Graduate Certificate, and Vocational Graduate Diploma?

    What's the difference between diploma, graduate diploma, advance diploma, Vocational Graduate Certificate, and Vocational Graduate Diploma? Why do we have so many level? Is there any good post to know about what's the difference between them? Thank you, Regards.
  10. Ameliafranklin

    NSW My dad won't give me my birth certificate, I have insufficient ID to apply for a new one.

    I need to access my birth certificate however my father refuses to order me a new one. I am 16, I do not live with him and my carers are not my legal guardians. My mother is dead and my father has not allowed me to contact her family. I have a Medicare card and an expired passport but no other...