QLD Wage garnish debt recovery

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12 January 2020
Hi I need help when owning someone money I got a letter signed by a jp saying that I will pay 250 a week from my payment wage it all would have been paid for by December 2019 but I have been finding myself in a financial situation where I can not pay this much I still owe 3200 I have been paying as much as I can afford to the payments have been between 25 and 50 dollars in payments and now I have been warned that if payment is not received by the 20th of January 2020 that my debt balance remaining to a so called friends his lawyer is going to claim for wage garnishment what can I do about this when I can't afford to pay for the whole amount do I just keep on paying for the debt the best way I can or do I need to get a lawyer the repayment has been going directly to Neville lawyers account each week of between 25 and 50 dollars a week the original amount owed was 5700 now its 3224 owed the application was made by qcat and qcat made the default decision so the magistrate court Neville decided at the time of the application that the amount of 20 dollars was OK for being made so I did not reply to the qcat default decision because I trusted Neville and them he went behind my back and requested that the magistrate court sent out the letter for immediately payment of the amount so I sat down working all of my financial commitments out and agreed to make the repayments of 250 a week I was falling behind on my bills my rent ended up being in the red behind by 5 days a week electricity repayments behind my wage had decreased over the past few months I have advised that I can't make this amount each week that's when the lawyer of Neville gave me this warning letter about garnishment of wage mind you this is all to do with a loan back in 2012 what can I do about this I need help badly