NSW Victims of Crime Compensation?

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12 August 2014
My children and I were mugged 18 months ago.
I was told about the Victims of crime compensation. Is there a time limit on making a claim?
I cant seem to find a straightforward answer?!
Thanks in advance :)

Owens Lawyers

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13 June 2014
Hi Tamara,

NSW no longer has a Victim's Compensation scheme. It's been replaced by a Victims Support Scheme, with the emphasis on support rather than compensation. There is generally a two year time limit for financial assistance and what's called a recognition payment. There is no time limit for counselling.

You should contact Victims Services for info on how to apply.
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Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Tamara,

This website from the NSW Government on Justice Victims Services may answer some of your questions:

http://www.victimsservices.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/vss/vs_financial_support.html,c=y or you may contact the Victims Access line on 1800 633 063.

There is no time limit for applying for counselling services but there is a time limit of either 2 years from the date of incident (for financial support for yourself) or 2 years from the day the victim turns 18 years old (for financial support for your children): Page 11 of Victim Services Guide.