VIC Use of private Emails for defamation

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27 July 2020
My wife forgot that her Email - Gmail and messenger are open on my computer. I went over her emails and messages. I found that she systematically send defamation Emails against me and slandering me. These Emails goes to our mutual friends and other people in the community.
Can I be in trouble as I read her Emails? I want to use these Emails- Gmails and messenger as evidence.
She uses the Emails and messages to hide her defamation and slandering. But I don't think privacy should protect her as she Intentionally damages me.
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27 May 2014
Can I be in trouble as I read her Emails?

Yes. It is an offence to access other people accounts, even if on your computer they used. Though there is an argument she consented to your use because it is on your computer.

Can you use it? Maybe. Would be better to get some emails/msgs forwarded to you from the other people first, start a case then demand other emails.

But you have other issues I suspect if you are considering defamation against your wife. Might pay to see family lawyers first.
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