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NSW US Citizen Wishing to Stay in Australia - Working Holiday Visa?

Discussion in 'Immigration Law Forum' started by JoelWD, 29 April 2015.

  1. JoelWD

    JoelWD Member

    29 April 2015
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    My brother's girlfriend is from the US and has travelled to Australia on an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority visa). She has currently been in Australia living with him for a month and wishes to remain here longer-term. If possible she would like to study whilst here and have the option to earn some money, therefore wishes to attain a working holiday visa.

    We are currently searching into what options are available (if any) for her to stay here and incur as little costs as possible. So far, she is aware that she can leave the country once her ETA expires and return to the US, to apply for her working holiday visa but obviously this will be quite expensive, and we are trying to find out if there are any ways to avoid the added financial strain of journeying home and returning to Australia thereafter.

    Are there any other ways to apply for such a visa whilst remaining in the country, or any other options available which would allow her to remain here without returning home first?

    A mutual friend suggested that it may be possible to travel to New Zealand or somewhere closer-by to apply for the Visa, rather than return to America, however we have been unable to confirm if this is in fact true or not.

    Any help would be appreciated greatly.
  2. Mitchell Kelly

    Mitchell Kelly Well-Known Member

    8 February 2015
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    Firstly, it is the Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462) that you need as a USA citizen (as opposed to the subclass 417 - Working Holiday visa), which is a 12 month visa allowing work in Australia and study (for up to 4 months).
    The visa must be applied for and granted while the applicant is outside of Australia. There is no requirement for the applicant to be in their home country. Provided she can get a visa to NZ, she could apply for the visa there and wait for it to be granted before returning to Australia. USA citizens (unlike other eligible 462 visa countries) can apply for the visa online provided all the criteria is met.
    For more details see the DIBP website - Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462)
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