WA Unfair Property Settlement After Separation - What to Do?

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4 December 2017
Hi all

I'm from Perth WA, married for 21 years - 5 children from marriage, 3 are underaged. The separation took place in August 2016.

I have been a stay at home mum for the last 15 years. He has been the main provider and mine was for food and kids' expenses. He pays child support.

I live in the family home with the 4 children. One of them live with him 50% of the time.

He hasn't been amicable since separation and is refusing to sign documents for the selling of land. I had no other choice than to file for family court and was granted sale.

Our family home is mortgaged to the full value due to him using equity in the home for his shares. I pay the mortgage on the family home.

I've discovered international bank transfers and offshore accounts that he deposited into.

We had a conciliation conference and honestly, it was a waste. He basically said that I keep the mortgage and that I don't touch any of his shares or assets. Trial is set for next year.

In 2007, he did his own SMSF. He runs the fund. Lost 1.5mil and the book value is at nil value.

My offer to him was 70/30.

I feel so hurt knowing that he has done all this behind my back and had this all planned out. I've been a devoted mum and wife. What hurts me the most is that he doesn't care if the kids live on the streets.

I'm in desperate need of help in what to do from anyone who's knowledgable in this area.

He states that I don't deserve his money and am not entitled to it. He earns over $100K, and I'm on government payments.

I appreciate any feedback.

Thanks for reading.


Well-Known Member
4 July 2016
I'll let one of the experienced posters give you some feedback about steps to take but I just wanted to let you know that your post was up and to hang in there because there are steps you can take to achieve a fair outcome.


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23 July 2014
Anyone with more expertise in WA's family law regime? I can provide guidance on the rest of the country, but WA is a different kettle of fish.