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17 April 2021
hi guys, I would like to have some advices here.
my employer own 5 supermarkets,each of them registered a different company name under one family member, (but i think they also have a group name called x group)every supermarket run individually, but they do group deals and getting rebates because they have the buying power as a group, I have been working for 3 supermarkets for the last 5 years, the first question is if they make me reluctant, will I get the benefit and long service leave?

I believe all the employees who work for them are underpaid. nobody signed a contract, oral agreement only. they put me down as full time, but only give me 10 days annual leave and no sick leave, two other employees in my shop(work 45 hours and 50 hours per week respectively) categoried as casual, only get paid $22 per hour flat rate even they work Sunday, they never issued pay slips, the only thing we have is they eft our pay to our bank accounts every two weeks(sometimes every three weeks),the question is if we sue the employers now or after we leave the job, can we guarantee to get the money back? what other evidences do we need? thanks you.

Paul Cott

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26 May 2014
Ballarat, Victoria
Hi Andy, if they make you reluctant? I assume you mean redundant? In which case yes you should your entitlements and long service leave (and maybe even redundancy pay too). There are a lot of questions in your email, you may want to call the Fair Work Ombudsman (www.fwo.gov.au) - they deal with many of the issues you raise.