VIC Underpayments and JobKeeper

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5 August 2021
Hi all,

I used to work at a cafe for around 1 year, where I was paid as a Level 1 worker. My friend recently advised me that I should have qualified as a Level 2 worker, so I am thinking about having discussions with my former employer regarding the potential underpayment. I estimate that the underpayment would be around $1,000.

While I was working, COVID came and the Jobkeeper program was announced. The cafe qualified for the Jobkeeper program and I was being paid $3,000 per month for a number of months. Usually, with my contracted hours of work, I earn around $1,600. Will I still be considered underpaid? Or would the shortfall be considered "repaid" given that I was receiving an "additional" $1,400 per month.



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27 May 2014
I can't comment about whether you were a lvl 1 or 2 employee.

In relation to Jobkeeper, and assuming you were not stood down, if your normal pay was $1,600 per mth, and you received $3,000 because of Jobkeeper, you would not qualify for the extra $1,000 because you were on the wrong level.

Move on and think about your future, do not dwell on the past. Not good for your psychological health.