Transit Insurance - How to Deal with Removalist?

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30 November 2014
I have had my stuff moved from Perth to Melbourne, then from Melbourne to QLD. But before it came from the depot in Melbourne, they got burgled and a lot of my stuff got stolen one 30,000 to replace new. I have been going through the removalists insurance since August and they have told me that some things I may only get paid back on the age of the stuff. How can I get them to go faster with this as I have had to replace household stuff and it is bringing me hardship as I have gone into debt. And what happens if they offer to pay me not a lot for all of my stuff?


Hi Rachelle,

Your first port of call should be the written contract or terms and conditions of the carrier. That should set out what you are entitled to in circumstances where you incur loss while your goods are in their custody.