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VIC Traffic Law and Speeding Fines - Nominate Driver for Company Car?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by thisisunfair, 23 January 2016.

  1. thisisunfair

    thisisunfair Member

    23 January 2016
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    Our company car was involved in a speeding offence committed in April'15. We first found out in November '15 after all the notices were sent to the previous address. We had moved in April '15.

    I sent in revocation nominating myself (director) as driver, but came back refused, saying 5 months had passed after the time limit to nominate.

    It's my very first offence ever and is 1 demerit point for exceeding the speed limit of less than 10ks. Normal speeding fines should be $180. I am being asked to pay $3120. They took 2 months to get back to my original revocation application.

    Can I nominate driver if I object in magistrates court? Our mistake here is mainly our failure to update the address in time. But $180 vs $3120 is pretty outrageous for a first offence. Doesn't matter if it's under a company name, as the financial cost would affect me just as directly being a micro business.

    Could you please give some Traffic Law suggestions on objecting in magistrates court and what can I say in this instance? Also, if I do not want to attend in person. Can I get a lawyer to represent me in court for under $300 as taking a day off work would cost me the same.

    Also, if the Sheriff comes looking, given the car is under a company name, can he touch me personally as a director?

    Many thanks!
  2. Ponala

    Ponala Well-Known Member

    10 February 2015
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    You will need to make an application to the court in regards to refusal of revocation, though you may be outside the period for that. Fines Victoria - Objecting to revocation refusal

    A lawyer for $300 probably not.

    As the director of the company they can I believe.

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