QLD To Many Car Troubles Holden GTS

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31 July 2018
I have bought a 2016 HSV GTS $100,000 and have had so many problems with it I’ve had enough. It’s now done 12,000km since I blourchsed from zupps Holden, it’s been in 4 times to get ticking under bonnet fixed, it’s had to have carpet replaced because of leaking a/c, Bluetooth electrics fixed and now is having trouble with seatbelts I’m back where my kids sit, it’s rings seatbelt warning while we are driving, my kids are all in seats with seatbelts on correctly, we have stopped and checked all belts, sometimes it goes off if kids aren’t in there and this is a big issue for me as it’s my kids safety. I have asked them to take the car back a few times or to replace the car with one without problems. Another thing is squeaky breaks which I’ve asked them to fix but they tell me that’s how performance breaks work.... I’ve never heard other GTS car squeaking when they break....

My question is do I have any rights to return car for refund or replacement car without defects?