QLD Mechanic Fitted Timing Belt Incorrectly - Seek Compensation?

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9 April 2019
Hi there,

I recently had the timing belt changed on my car. 2 days after I got it back, it had some serious issues starting to the point where it doesn’t go. The mechanic came out to take a look at it and said I would need to get it towed to their garage.

I paid the tow fee to their garage. They thought they had fixed the issue,however, they quickly realised that they hadn’t and that they were stumped and that we would need to get the car towed to Holden where they can run specialist tests.

I have paid to have it towed again and now Holden are indicating that it may be an issue caused by the other mechanic incorrectly fitting the timing belt. Can I seek compensation from the first mechanic if this is the case?


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25 July 2018
Yes. Make sure you get paperwork from Holden stating exactly what the problem is and what caused it.

Sounds to me like the timing belt wasn't tensioned properly when it was fitted, causing the crank and cam(s) to fall out of sync. If that happens, the valves open at the wrong time and the engine simply won't run. Incorrect timing can also damage the valves and pistons.

If there is any damage, the cost of the repair is likely to be several thousand dollars. The mechanic would be liable for this plus any other costs such as towing.