Tips for Choosing Best Personal Injury Lawyers?

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Jessica T

8 April 2014
How do I choose the best personal injury lawyers or compensation lawyers (ideally no win no fee lawyers) for my claim? I was involved in a car accident about a week ago and I suffered multiple injuries, which mean that I'm unable to work and it looks like I'll need lots of rehab and other medical care. I want to make sure I get the best outcome.


New Member
8 April 2014
Here are my tips for choosing a good personal injury lawyer or compensation lawyer:

a) Do your research on the lawyer's reputation and personal injury experience.
Check the lawyer's information and any recommendations online or ask the person who referred you to the lawyer for their thoughts. Because of restrictions on advertising for personal injury lawyers in some locations, testimonials may not always be available.

Personal injury law is not a generalist field and the laws do change, so make sure the lawyer is a specialist personal injury lawyer. In your case, a car accidents lawyer (ie, experienced in motor vehicle accident claims). Your lawyer should be on top of the current law as well as being experienced in dealing with insurers and settling claims.

b) Meet or contact the personal injury lawyer (or lawyers, if you have more than one in mind to compare).

Meet or speak with the lawyer and to see whether you are comfortable with them and want them to handle your case. Make sure you have enough information to explain your situation (bring along any relevant documents) and write down all your questions in advance. Make sure you ask about legal costs as well - personal injury lawyers are required to give you information about how they charge and a legal costs estimate.

Go to see a lawyer as soon as possible as there are time limits to bringing a personal injury claim. Whether you'e dealing with a WorkCover claim, motor vehicle accident injury or other personal injury compensation claim, choosing the best lawyer for you is very important.


8 April 2014
Are you in Brisbane? I can give you a recommendation for personal injury lawyers Brisbane.

(Most are no win no fee in this area.)


Well-Known Member
13 November 2014
I'm from Brisbane,

Do No Win No Fee Solicitors classified Post trauma stress disorder and depression a personal injury?


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31 October 2014
As a law student, I tend to get random questions from friends and I would have to help them research a lawyer that can suit their needs. You can now book with a lawyer at: Find a Lawyer & Book Online Instantly | LawTap

Some tips that I found particularly helpful for some of my friends include:

1) Make sure that you take a look at their costs agreement re: no win, no fee. Some lawyers word their costs agreement differently and may not include certain things in their no fee clauses such as medical assessment costs. This should be a potential red flag because if the lawyer starts to throw you into medical assessments to strengthen your case and the results come out negative, you may be tagged with those costs.

2) Definitely listen to everyone's advice and try to get an accredited specialist in personal injury. I recognize that almost every personal injury firm in Queensland totes that same credential, but another good way to cut down the list is to see if the lawyer you are looking to hire has also legal experience in insurance defence (representing the insurance company against claims such as yours.) For me and my friends, a person who has experience in both sides of the field seems more aggressive in their negotiations since they already know some of the industry 'secrets' such as how insurance companies set aside reserves, how they value a claim, etc.

3) Bigger isn't always better. My friends always assume the best route to take is to go to the large firms. This isn't always the best consideration to make though because larger firms also tend to have larger overhead costs. If the firm is also a public traded company with shareholders, then this also becomes an issue because now they have an extra bias (settling your claim for profit to make the shareholders happy vs really fighting for you.) This last point is more of a personal opinion. Also, depending on the nature of your injuries, you may just have your file dumped on a junior lawyer and may not really receive that "expertise" that those firms advertise.

4) For the initial consultation, consider having the lawyer meet you in your home. Not all lawyers will do this (unless you are too injured to go) but maybe try. I know a couple of friends who really get intimidated by the big office and the pressure to sign on a retainer is a lot stronger when you are in the middle of their office in their empty meeting room at a large table while they watch you intently. For some people, being in an area they are comfortable with helps them think better and make more informed decisions.

5) The personal touch matters. Another reason why I am not a fan of huge firms (I used to work in one) is because your file is often worked on by teams, which means separate billing rates and it kind of kills the whole interpersonal relationship between client and solicitor. A firm that keeps your file to the same lawyer in my opinion just gives that extra touch that I think really matters. My friends are in a VERY vulnerable situation, especially if they can't work because of the injury. So something as small as having a lawyer who knows them on a personal level can go a very long way since that's the same person they'll be speaking with as the claim progresses (which can easily take over a year depending on your injuries.)

I hope this helps you out.

Good luck in your search. God bless.


New Member
4 May 2016
You can find plaintiffs' personal injury lawyers here online and book in.

There are a few basic things you'll want to find out from the lawyer:
  • How long has the lawyer been in practice?
  • Roughly what percentage of the lawyer's practice involves personal injury cases?
  • Does the lawyer most often represent plaintiffs or defendants?
  • Would the lawyer personally handle your case or pass it along to another -- perhaps less experienced -- lawyer in the office?


15 June 2017
There are good suggestion in here but I'd suggest Google's organic search results (not the ads) and maps is a good option also and simply typing or saying 'Best Personal Injury Lawyer Gold Coast' / Brisbane etc helps find some of the better Law firms. Client reviews are taken into consideration, whether that firm has behaved well online and has a decent reputation, whether they taken the time to have a decent web site, and have built trust in Google's eyes over time. All this often tells you if they are paying attention to those quality driven items that they will take time and have a quality driven approach to your claim.

Graeme Kirkham - LawCall

LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
17 May 2017
How do I choose the best personal injury lawyers or compensation lawyers (ideally no win no fee lawyers) for my claim? I was involved in a car accident about a week ago and I suffered multiple injuries, which mean that I'm unable to work and it looks like I'll need lots of rehab and other medical care. I want to make sure I get the best outcome.
Dear Jessica,

Your question is one that client's offer talk about.

I specifically published a blog on this, which will hopefully give you some guidance.

see: Adelaide Injury and Compensation Blog

Finding a reputable and experienced lawyers for your Personal Injury Claims process is the very first and most crucial job throughout the procedure.

Here, I'll give you some tips to find best personal injury lawyers or compensation lawyers for your claim.

> Ask your friends or family.
> Research on the different Solicitors fees.
> Search for the lawyers online.

As per my personal experience i know one lawyer firm, which is the best for your personal injury or compensation claim. It's name is Frisina Lawyers. It is one the best personal injury lawyer and compensation lawyer in Sydney.