Claim Personal Injury Compensation from a Second Car Accident?

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5 April 2015
In 2008, I was stopped at the traffic lights and was hit from behind by a lady who had failed to stop. She hit my car from behind, and I hit the car in front of me and another car hit the lady that didn't hadn't stopped, so I was stuck in a 5 car accident.

I was knocked out temporarily, taken to hospital, tested, checked and released. The end result was a whiplash injury to my neck. I received a personal injury compensation payout after 2 years.

In October this year, I was again stopped to give way and someone ran into the back of my car. This has reaggravated my neck injury or something, I have had to have physiotherapy, suffered from headaches and pain since it happened.

My question is, can I claim any sort of compensation for this car accident? I think that at least my medical bills should be paid by the car insurance company of the person that hit me.

Can anyone offer any suggestions or tell me if it is worth talking to a lawyer?

Thanks in advance


Well-Known Member
2 October 2015
If a party is deemed negligent you will be able to receive some compensation from the Insurance Commission