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A county court is a court based in or with a jurisdiction covering one or more counties, which are administrative divisions (subnational entities) within a country, not to be confused with the medieval system of county courts held by the high sheriff of each county.

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  1. WHS

    VIC County Court Hearing

    I am entering a County Court Hearing in coming weeks. My question is what should I expect? I am the Plaintiff
  2. S

    VIC IVO County Court Appeal Problem

    Hi, I will try to keep this as short and simple as I possibly can. After waiting several months to have our 2 day contested hearing set by one magistrate in March for the start of October we find out from our VLA lawyer the night before that we don't have a magistrate allocated, but to show up...
  3. F

    VIC IVO Variation with Consent Orders in Place?

    Mates, I need some info. My ex has taken IVO (AVO) against me, which includes children. Last month I happened to get consent orders in family court which initiates the process of therapeutic counselling. I have County Court matter this week for rehearing of IVO. So my question is does the...
  4. B

    VIC Employment-related Writ - ATO Deductibility of Legal Expenses?

    Hello, I was served with a writ in County Court (Vic) from my ex-employer accusing me of violating my employment agreement that I had with them. The underlying subject matter was they said they were entitled to some IP. Anyway, we settled confidentially out of court. I claimed the legal...
  5. A

    VIC Wife Accused of Stalking - What to Do?

    My wife was falsely accused of stalking. She went to contest hearing but prior to contest hearing, the applicant wanted to withdraw on condition that costs were not asked for; the answer was no. The applicant decided to continue make further accusations of more incidents in court. Everything...
  6. C

    VIC No Win No Fee Lawyer Stopped Acting For Me - What To Do?

    My no win, no fee lawyer ceased on behalf of me. I have a case ongoing in County Court for my Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance personal injury claim. I have trial hearings on 12 February 2015 and I have no lawyer to represent me.
  7. S

    VIC County Court Judgement Debt - Interest on the Cost Component?

    I was involved in a Victorian County Court trial in 2014. I was the Respondent. the Judgement was in my favour, the Appellant was given a Judgement Debt and orders to pay my legal cost. The court Stayed the judgement debt and orders pending an Appeal, that appeal has been completed, it was...