NSW Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa

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    I'm currently on PR, seeking a most suitable option enabling my mother to stay with me in Australia for up to 6 months per year with multiple entries. I'm the only child of my parents and my mother is 69 years of age living in my home country alone (father deceased). My mother prefers to have her retirement life in our home country but would like to spend 4 -- 6 months every year with me in Australia. Because of her age and preferred life arrangement, it's not practical to apply for migration by waiting for 30 years or paying $43,000 without any allowance in the first 10 years. I get some information from an unprofessional and needs to be clarified ---- submit migration application via wait time, then my mother is eligible to be granted 5 years visa as she is nearly 70 years old and her only child is in Australia ---- is this the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa and what's the subclass code of it? Do I apply for this visa directly or via parent visa of wait time?

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