Tell Prospective Employer You are Pregnant?

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16 April 2014
My wife has just found out that she is pregnant, but is currently looking for employment.

It is not visibly obvious that she is pregnant yet, so does she have to tell prospective employers that she is pregnant?

John R

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14 April 2014
Firstly, Congratulations on your wife's pregnancy!
The Fair Work Ombudsman has a good resource on employment during pregnancy.
"It’s illegal to discriminate against an employee because they’re pregnant, or because of their sex or family or carer’s responsibilities. For example, an employer can’t demote or fire an employee because she is pregnant."

Because of this, it is up to your wife when she announces her pregnancy to her boss and colleagues. Your wife may consider announcing her pregnancy to her boss at the earliest opportunity (for example, at the end of the first trimester) so that her boss, and the wider workplace, can make appropriate arrangements to maintain workplace safety for your wife and cater for any potential absences from morning sickness, etc.

P.S. Looking at your profile, you're either very curious and/or have a lot of unanswered legal questions. LawAnswers is a growing community so please remember to reply to your fellow LawAnswers members if they have taken the time to respond to your questions. :)
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