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Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by Carrie, 2 May 2014.

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    2 May 2014
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    I've just found out I'm pregnant and I'm just trying to understand my employment position. I've worked at my company for nearly 2 years in a junior admin role. How much maternity leave can I take at work?
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    8 April 2014
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    G'day Carrie,
    The Fair Work Ombudsman site has information that answers your question. It provides that:
    The minimum entitlement for parental leave is 12 months unpaid. This entitlement comes from the National Employment Standards and applies to all employees in Australia, even if they’re not covered by the National workplace relations system.
    Full-time, part-time and casual employees can take unpaid parental leave if they are responsible to care for a baby and have worked for the business for at least 12 months before the date (or expected date) of birth

    Some employees can also be entitled to paid parental leave.

    The Department of Human Services has a Parental Leave Pay page that sets out eligibility and procedure for paid parental leave.
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    Your contract of employment may also stipulate period of paid and/or unpaid parental leave that you are entitled to.

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