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    On behalf of a woman who is experiencing a possible stalking, what are the laws of stalking?
    Ie she has been followed by a builder in a ute now on four occasions or more. She does not know who he is.
    He hoots repetitively when he sees her whether she is on.foot or in a vehicle. Even hooting whilst behind her and up til her gate, then hooting as he drives off. Sometimes he waves.
    She lives alone and as it is a male she does not know, is unsure how to address it as it Is making her feel anxious.
    I feel that a man should not behave as such as it could be intimidating for a woman.
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    Yes - what this man is doing is stalking, which is a criminal offence and in Victoria, carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

    First thing is to note the registration number and file a complaint with the Police. If she can, she also needs to try and get a good look at the person so she can give as much detail as possible and be able to identify him (not just the car) if the need arises.

    There's some good information here: Stalking | Victims of Crime Victoria
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