QLD Speeding Fines - Not Pulled Over for Speeding Offence by Police?

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2 August 2015

So I was most definitely speeding when I noticed a police officer with a Lidar gun ahead of me, but it was already too late I assume. I saw him perk up and say something into his radio. I waited for the chaser car to pull me over, but it never did. I was so wondering if they are still able to give me speeding fines through the mail or did they have to pull me over on the spot as it was a Lidar reading?


Hi Alicia,

If a fixed speed camera or mobile speed camera unit get you, you'll generally get a notification in the mail. If you get caught by a police officer with a Lidar gun, they will usually pull you over if they intend to issue a ticket.

Police have a discretion as to whether or not they will book you if they detect you speeding with a radar device and they will take circumstances into account.