ACT Speeding Fines - No on the Spot Fines?

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23 April 2016
I was pulled over Tuesday morning at 5:30 am for speeding. He pulled me over and showed me the radar which indicated 110km in an 80 zone. He took my drivers licence and went back to his car for about 5 minutes he then came back and asked if my address is current. He then said that he will be sending the speeding fines in the mail.

I am on my Ps and 30 over will be 4 points and my drivers licence gone. He didn't give me an on the spot fine or slip or nothing? Is that right? Will I get the ticket in the mail? Don't they usually just write a ticket on the spot. Is he just trying to scare me?

Tim W

LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
28 April 2014
You can expect to get that ticket in them mail.
What you need to check is whether or not not you have been suspended on the spot.

If you have, and you continue to drive (even though the ticket has not yet arrived),
then you may find yourself facing further infringements, and also any insurance cover coming into question.