QLD Spat on, in altercation

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30 August 2019
Hi all,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I did have a search through, and couldn't find any posts similar to mine. My apologies if there is.

I was driving to work, when a car, pulled out from a give way sign, hindering my driving line causing me to need to come to a complete stop as quick as I could.
No contact was made, I was able to stop in time.
He came to a stop, after I had, and reversed back down to engage with me.

My window was already down, and he gave me the finger while winding his down.

Both of us stopped parallel to each other, in opposing lanes facing opposite directions.

When his window came down, I shouted "Don't you know how to give way you dumb ****"

He replied "yeah you wanna go then" "Lets go" and proceeded to spit from his car, through the open windows onto me.

A few more words, and we drove away.

I understand he assaulted me, but was it just common assault, or is it considered serious assault?
In section 340 of the criminal code, the only mention of spitting, is in relation to a police officer.

Would it be worth it to make a police report?
I had a dashcam running, and although you see the incident of him pulling out, you don't see him spit on me. You can just hear the argument. Just me saying "Don't you know how to give way you dumb ****" him say "Yeah you wanna go then, lets go"
Then me saying
"You spat on me, that's assault you stupid *******" and him just say "yeah"
I repeatedly called him a F'wit while he continued to agree.
He drove off and as did I.

What would your advice be I do?
I gathered his rego, which I could then access his VIN number from the QLD Gvt Rego Check. With that i obtained his Serial Number Certificate from the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

Should I take all of this and go down to a police station?
Would what I have be sufficient in a charge being laid?
Or would my investigation end due to lack of evidence?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,