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QLD Domestic Violence Order - Have to Go to Court Monday

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by jwils294, 20 June 2015.

  1. jwils294

    jwils294 Member

    20 June 2015
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    My friend in on parole and recently there was a DVO (domestic violence order) in place between me and him which the police put in place not me I didn't want it.

    Another thing has happened and I called the police and I claimed he had spat on me, now he is being charged with assault, now thinking about it ive relised that I over reacted I thought he had spat on me but he had spat near me and out of anger I told the police he did.

    He has now been in the watch house and has court on Monday. If I go to the court house Monday morning and say I want to drop the charge, will I be able to? Also will something happen to me?
  2. Tracy B

    Tracy B Well-Known Member

    24 December 2014
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