VIC Son putting mothers house in joint before she died

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Darren new

3 December 2019
Hi just have a quick question about wills, I have a brother who with my mother put her house in joint names just before she died, can that be challege in a will dispute or is that now legally binding he now owns all the house as she has passed on ?
Dear Darren

Your mother had freedom to deal with her property as she wished during her lifetime.
The question is if your mother transferred the house in joint names because of undue influence or unconscionable conduct of your brother.
Such transactions may be set aside if you have evidence to support your claim.
You can lodge a court application even now after your mother has died.

You also need to know that this is a well known strategy to remove assets from the estate.

You should seek legal advice without delay.

Kind regards

James McGill 0708

Active Member
14 September 2019
Was the property put into your brothers name as a joint tenant or tenant-in-common. The former would mean your mothers share of the property wouldnt ever 'touch' the Will, it would pass directly to your brother.