NSW Single or Double Law Degree?

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12 August 2020
Hey all!

Just started an Arts/Law degree with a major in Criminology at MQ, and I noticed that they offered a Fast Track program, where you can finish the degree in 4 years instead of 5. I plan on taking this route, but it will be a very intensive 6 weeks every summer for the next 4 years. Alternatively, they offer a Bachelor of Laws, single degree, which is 4 years minus the intensive 6 weeks every summer.

So now I'm considering dropping my criminology course and only doing the single Law degree.

Wanted to ask you guys how will employers view a single law degree (as compared to a double law degree), how valuable is a criminology degree to law firms and in my future career as a lawyer, and what you guys think the best route is to take.

Many thanks and any insightful responses are very much appreciated :))


25 April 2020
What kind of law do you want to work in? If you want to work in Criminal Law, criminology could be helpful, but it's entirely unnecessary.

If you're good at criminology and enjoy studying it, you should consider keeping it to balance out your law degree and help you keep a higher WAM.

If you're keen to just get out there and start practicing ASAP, do your straight law degree.