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A hardship post is a term used in the United States Diplomatic Service to describe a diplomatic post where living conditions are difficult due to climate, crime, health care, pollution or other factors.
Employees assigned to such posts receive a hardship differential of between 10 and 35 percent of their salary. A hardship post with security issues, for example in a war zone, may also be a designated hardship post with employees eligible for additional danger pay.

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  1. xshellionx

    SA Is a prisoner able to apply for early release of superannuation on grounds of hardship that his wife and 2 children are experiencing?

    Hello, I am asking on behalf of my friends. Her husband is currently incarcerated in an SA correctional facility and is 21 months in to a 38 month sentence. His wife and two children aged 4 years and 6 years are financially struggling with the main concern being keeping on top of mortgage...
  2. Nathan’s Mum

    WA Financial hardship due to child support payments

    Hi, My partner and I both have children from a previous marriage. I have a 9-year old who lives with us. My partner has a 20-year old, who lives on his own, and a 17 and 14 year old. The two youngest ones live with their mother. I receive child support from my ex for our son. My partner and his...
  3. K

    NSW Ex took my son, I have a chronic health issue & cannot work, am I entitled to spousal support?

    My husband took up a job overseas in 2015, in early 2016 I became very ill, we came back in Australia for my testing and treatment. Testing revealed I have a rare and chronic debilitating condition. I can only get the treatment I need here in Australia, because it is not available in SE Asia...