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20 November 2020
Hi all,
My wife shopped at Target. She picked up 4 items of clothing and while scanning at the self service counters, accidentally missed scanning 2 of them.
She then walked out of the store to Kmart, didn't like the clothes on sale there and came back to Target to grab a tshirt she liked during the previous visit.
With all the shopping bags in her hand she kept the tshirt in one of the bags to be paid for on the way out. But, after further browsing in Target she forgot she had left the tshirt in her bag and walked out.
She was followed and confronted by the staff and they checked and found the previous 2 items not paid for and this tshirt in the bag.
They called the Police. My wife explained it was a mistake and that she had never shoplifted before or even got a parking ticket.
Now she has to appear in the Magistrates court. We are confused if we should seek legal help? Should we plead guilty or not guilty?
Never had anything to do with Police or Courts before. So really terrified. Any help or guidance is much appreciated.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Yes, you should get a lawyer.