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An arrest is the act of depriving people of their liberty, usually in relation to an investigation or prevention of a crime, and thus detaining the arrested person in a procedure as part of the criminal justice system.
Police and various other bodies have powers of arrest. In some places, the power is more general; for example in England and Wales, any person can arrest "anyone whom he has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be committing, have committed or be guilty of committing an indictable offence," although certain conditions must be met before taking such action.

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  1. S

    TAS Is it illegal to post online the evidence/what led to my arrest online

    Hello, I was arrested on and released on bail on stalking charges. I went to court the Restraint order was changed to an undertaking between the two parties. which then was dismissed by the magistrate. The police didn't charge me with anything and that was the end of that. My lawyer obtained all...
  2. M

    NSW I did not attend Liverpool Local Court today, will there be a warrant out for my arrest?

    Hey, quick question! I had my first court listing today at Liverpool Local court for 2 Driving matters. 1. FAIL TO STOP 2.DRIVING RECKLESSLY.... I did not attend court today as I have been ill and was unable too. But I did go to the doctors this afternoon around 3:30-4pm. They provided me a...
  3. L

    VIC Advice/experience on upcoming arrest fraud/theft from employer

    Hi All, I’ve been reading through this forum to see if I can gain any advice regarding my criminal matter and thought I would sign up and just post a question. Here are the relevant details and I would appreciate advice, experience, likelihood, anything that could assist me. -managed a...
  4. J

    QLD What is the difference between Brisbane Arrest court and Brisbane court.

    Hey everyone, In regards to someone going to court in Brisbane what is the basic difference between the two following courts with regards to drug offences. Why would a person be before the court in Roma street instead of George Street? The person is currently not in the watch house as the...
  5. A

    WA Possibility of failed character test for immigration

    Hi wanting advice on if im facing The possibility of a failed character test for immigration purposes. Im being charged with common assault and plan to plead guilty, even though I was provoked into doing it, so said "victim" could black mail me. However I have previous charges of gain benefit by...
  6. R

    WA Warrant for my arrest

    If I have a warrant in wa for breach of parole for a minor charge and I am working in sydney can the police track me down through the taxation office because I am working and paying taxes
  7. S

    WA Old arrest charge does it show on my criminal record?

    I was arrested over 25 years ago for shoplifting but the case was dismissed. Now I am applying for a gaming license and it asks "have you ever been arrested?" The state Police department will be doing a background check on me. Is this arrest going to show up on my record, or is it now sealed...
  8. A

    NSW Does this constitute wrongful arrest?

    Day 1 I had an allegation of an indictable offence put to me, and voluntarily participated in an electronic interview. Day 2 I received an email from the officer in charge requesting I attend the police station that day so that I could be formally charged with an offence. I agreed and...
  9. S

    VIC Odds of arrest over past shoplifting at Coles

    Last week I was with a friend's at Coles. I was not buying anything but she was at the self-serve, and she was scanning some items. She asked me to put a bottle of juice in my bag and I did it, but watching her I realised she did not properly scan the item. I asked if she was going to scan it...
  10. A

    NSW Avo in NSW, caught fighting together in Qld

    Last month a 12 month AVO was decided upon by a judge in NSW against my partner with myself being the protected person. We had met in Qld this month where Police were involved in another domestic between the two of us, but this time in Qld. What I want to know is can my partner be arrested in...