NSW Separation But No Divorce - Am I Liable For Ex’s Debt?

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rita nsw

3 January 2015
My ex recently sent me a message saying he was not well. If he dies, will I have to pay any of his debts and potentially have debt collectors come after me? For example, his car loan, it is in his name. We are separated, but no divorce at this stage.


Hi Rita,

Have you come to a property settlement arrangement? Either through the court or through an agreement to say who gets what?

As a quick answer, debts such as credit card debts or loans that you are a joint account holder on - you will be liable for the full amount if your ex dies. Other debts will have to be paid off by his estate when he dies. I would speak with a lawyer about separating your financial affairs formally with your ex and seek their advice on specifically what you may or may not be liable for.