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  1. Skateboard

    Obtaining copies of tax returns submitted by my family trust.

    I want to obtain copies of the tax returns submitted to the ATO by my family trust. I am not a contact person listed on the trust or hold any position in the trust. I do not want to approach my family accountant to obtain this information. Is there a way I can get this information?
  2. M

    WA Caveat on bankrupt ex's interest in home owned by family trust - how to sell?

    Hi all, posting on behalf of a colleague. Wondering if I can get some guidance on the below as I haven't found any cases on Austlii that are directly relevant. Colleague is going to see a lawyer but would be good to have as much understanding / background info as possible to get the most out of...
  3. V

    WA Residential builder - setting up the company structure (family trust?)

    Hi, I'm looking to set up a Pty Ltd company for a friend to operate a residential building business. He will be the sole director. I intended to set up a family trust and have the trustee as the sole shareholder of the Pty Ltd. My friend, who is to be the director of the company, would also be...
  4. A

    VIC family trust & stamp duty on buyinh property

    Pls can someone clarify the new laws on stamp duty and purchasing real estate through family trust Thank you
  5. Skateboard

    VIC KPMG Audit of Family Trust - Help?

    My family trusts were investigated by the Australian Taxation Office, the ATO delt with solicitors appointed by my brother and the accountant who set up the family trusts and also delt with the ATO enquiries. I made some enquiries with the ATO investigator who I provided a statement to and who...
  6. J

    NSW Family Trust - How to Appeal to Supreme Court?

    Hi all, I have a family trust, with governing law of ACT, where it has two vehicles which are in NSW. The assignment of transfer was contested in NSW magistrates court. The court found it was not a legal document, as it did not have stamp duty on the document. as the magistrate stated: section...
  7. S

    VIC Managing Property Assets as a De Facto Couple?

    My partner and I are a registered de facto couple. My partner already owns a property where we currently live. We were advised to only put a new house we want at auction in my name as I'm a first time buyer. Is this correct? We aim to each contribute 50:50 to the home loan so ultimately we...
  8. Skateboard

    VIC KPMG Subpoena of Family Trust - How Much will it Cost?

    Our family trust records where the subject of an ATO investigation. My brother and his accountant did some very unusual accounting involving the transfer of millions of dollars out of Australia and then back again claiming it was the income of another family member whom they wanted to qualify...
  9. Skateboard

    Family Trust records

    I am a member of our family and there are several family trusts and companies in our family. Unfortunately we have taken out intervention orders against each other and my brother who is in charge of the trust has formed a relationship with the our family accountant and is paying, I believe...
  10. D

    QLD Business Partner Drawing Unauthorised Wages - What to Do?

    Good morning, I'm the office manager/bookkeeper for a small business owned by two brothers with 50/50 ownership of the business. The brothers have no signed partnership agreements in place. They operated with a Family trust but since 2012 have registered a Company and there are no agreements...