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QLD Restraining Order on Joint Guardian?

Discussion in 'Other/General Law Forum' started by Rob Pearce, 14 October 2016.

  1. Rob Pearce

    Rob Pearce Member

    14 October 2016
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    I have joint guardianship of my mother with her sister. My mum has spent some time in hospital. When discharge came, I found her a disability community to make her new home as she needs supervision of diabetes and mobility needs.

    Her sister, the joint guardian, approached the community, was abusive to them and myself then proceeded to return my mum to hospital without a medical reason. Mum has now been in hospital 2 weeks.

    Her village would be happy to have her back and the hospital want mum out, however, her village do not want a repeat of what has happened. I have applied to QCAT for a suspension of her sister from guardianship due to her unreasonable actions, however, this could take some time before a hearing, while my mum languishes in hospital.

    She wants to return home, as do I.

    Can I get a restraining order against the other guardian so that her village can have the assurance that if the other guardian attempts to remove her or abuse the staff again, they would be able to call the police?
  2. Lance

    Lance Well-Known Member

    31 October 2015
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