QLD Repairable Write-off Car - What to Do Under Australian Consumer Law?

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18 March 2017
Last November I purchased a car. The dealer told me that it had a perfect service history and ran perfectly, as well as coming with one years warranty. Silly enough, I believed him. However I've since had a few issues he has fixed all but one though warranty, as the warranty didn't cover coolant hose.

However the most recent issue is that my car stopped working. I had it towed to his mechanic. They have advised me it had a faulty gear box. I've since read my paper work further and it turns out he sold me a repairable write off, which means it has no warranty. He never told me that it was a repairable write off, otherwise I would not have got it.

He keeps dogging my calls and questions apart from saying he's getting a second opinion, in regards to fixing it and the mechanic told me he has not given a decision on what to do. Lost of the use of my car is causing great issues from myself. I'm having trouble getting my kids to school and attending my anti-natal appointments as both are a distance from my home and public transport can take up to two hours.

What can I do under Australian Consumer Law as he never stated it was a repairable write off?


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31 October 2015
The dealer can't lie or deliberately omit information that would influence your decision to buy the vehicle. I think is its reasonable to believe most people wouldn't buy a repairable write off unless it was ridiculously cheap. But that would have been a warning sign in itself.
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The following link will tell you what actions you can undertake: Buying from a licensed motor dealer | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government
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