NSW Removing Guardian/Power Of Attorney - Is It Easy?

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10 March 2015
Is it easy to remove your Legal Guardian or Power of Attorney, if you think they are not doing a good job and not acting in your best interests, and you make a valid claim that you can find someone else responsibly suitable or you'd prefer the Public Trustee to be your Legal Guardian?
Is it easy to have all Guardianship revoked full-stop, if you think you don't need guardianship anymore, and there's valid claims you don't?


Hi Steve500,

If these are appointments that you have made yourself you can revoke them at any time provided you have full mental capacity to do so / i.e. fully understand what you are doing.

In order to revoke an appointment document you must tell the guardian or attorney in writing that you are terminating the appointment and also advise any banks or other relevant authorities that you have done business with. You should also then destroy any copies of the appointment documents .