QLD Removalist failed to load my tv then damaged it

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15 October 2021
Hi, I had my house lot of personal belongings stored with removalist in Brisbane for several months. When shipping to NZ was required in June 21 they sent everything except my tv which they forgot to load. Tv was sent separately and arrived A month after initial shipment. I noticed original packaging was torn and dented so I took videos and photos before removing security seal. Tv screen had been pushed right in and body of tv is bowed. The initial removalist that had it stored sent me a claim form in August and I submitted the same day as per their instructions for third party who transported the tv. The initial removalist had completed the form prior to sending it to me to submit and stated the tv and packaging was in good condition when it left their premises and was damaged due to negligent and rough handling. They also included a commercial invoice with tv for a fair replacement value that they determined. I submitted claim but third party shipper who accepted the claim will not deal with me because I am noth the originator. At the end of September The initial company came back and offered about half of what tv is worth which I declined as I am being left at an unfair disadvantage by having to fork out and cover damages they have admitted in writing were caused by negligent handling. Have tried AFRA who are behind their financial member. Sent all correspondence to fair trading and am waiting. The frustrating thing is the only answer the initial company will give me when they bother to respond is "we will let you know when we know" if fair trading is unsuccessful I am lodging civil proceedings and will also investigate claiming for compensation having to deal with this for 4 months now. Any other ideas anyone?