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9 May 2021
Really need help. Rang legal aid. Answer is " not sure" " yes there is problem" but no one know what to do.
Details: After 4 mediation not successful. I took my ex to court. Judge disregard all the consent order details that I consulted with few lawyers and she made one herself. ( Details are not clear on the order. It will cause a lot of problems in the future. During court judge processed very fast. She told me unsolved issue will refer to Registra. Two days later we received " Final oreder" but there are many things are not put on it. Finally to the hearing date of Registra. Registra disregard all the issues I raised and said to me "You get final order and nothing can change". And ask if you have done mediation in court before ? We said no. Then she order mediation in court. Registra said if I want to change anything that I have to submit a new application. I rang court to double check do I need to organise one my self or court will order one? His answer is that court will order one. My ex creat a excuse to not attend to mediation and then court reply they do not organise any FDR yet. ( Registra forgot what she said?)
What does mediation in court mean? Same as private FDR? Many thanks.