Refusal to Pay Out Incentives Earned During Employment

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adam sargent

2 May 2014
Hi guys, in December I won an incentive through work for 5 nights accommodation and return air fares. It was a kpi based incentive and I was acknowledged in earning it publicly inside the company. I am moving on and my manager no longer wants to pay out on it. What are your thoughts on proceeding?

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi Adam,
I've had a family member in a very similar situation. The employer ultimately paid a cash amount that was about 50% of the value of the performance bonus so that everyone could move on. That said, it was relatively stressful and needed to be escalated above his direct manager to one of the owners of the business (who knew his performance had been publicly acknowledged and didn't want an employee to leave on bad terms).

What does your employment contract and/or KPI/Incentive Program documentation say in relation to how/when incentives/bonuses are payable?