VIC Real estate agency liable on behalf of destitute tenant?

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by bobomajo, 16 May 2019.

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    16 May 2019
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    Probably too much effort to even follow up, but I was just wondering if a real estate agency is liable for damages on behalf of a tenant if they were misleading about the tenant, if its likely if the tenant wont be able to pay for the damages?

    I just found out my evicted neighbor (behind on rent) killed my cat. My cat was found dead in the property they were staying in.

    Pretty sure they had some serious mental health issues. We live in a block of flats and they regularly vandalized various things around the flats over the years. We've made complaints about them to the real estate agency but after having a chat with the owner of the flat they said they were never told about them. Also the agency recommended them as an ideal tenant.

    The owner is quite angry at the agency as the interior of the flat had lots of holes punched into the walls.

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