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A residential area is a land used in which housing predominates, as opposed to industrial and commercial areas.
Housing may vary significantly between, and through, residential areas. These include single-family housing, multi-family residential, or mobile homes. Zoning for residential use may permit some services or work opportunities or may totally exclude business and industry. It may permit high density land use or only permit low density uses. Residential zoning usually includes a smaller FAR (floor area ratio) than business, commercial or industrial/manufacturing zoning. The area may be large or small.

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  1. D

    VIC Residential Tenancies jurisdictional limits

    I have tried to make application to the court for a residential tenancy matter but the court(s) believe VCAT has exclusive jurisdiction but refuses to comment any further about the matter. Even a person from the residential tenancy commission states as a fact that VCAT has exclusive jurisdiction...
  2. R

    NSW Sued Real Estate - Residential Lease

    Hi everyone, A real estate agent has arranged for me to rent a granny flat. The real estate lied to me, and they even lied on the lease contract. The house in front of me is falling down, it is not liveable (no one told me that), and I do not have access to it (for example, a hot water boiler)...
  3. N

    VIC what is the most effective way to get a resolution to a complaint about water damage from McDonalds don to my property?

    McDonalds are ignoring my mulitiple attempts to discuss my complaint on many occasions. I would like to know what is the most effective way to get a resolution or response to a complaint about water damage from McDonalds done to my property? WATER ACT 1989 - SECT 16 Liability arising out of...
  4. sam2reach

    is secondary dwelling a separate residential property ?

    Since I built a secondary dwelling (granny flat) council has increased services charges (water supply services, sewerage services, and drainage services) by multiplying by 2 and classified my property as Residential Multi premises. My Granny Flat is connected to the main house for water...
  5. Disturbed

    SA Complicated question regarding neighbours

    The house next door to mine is owned by a community group who leases the property to men who have just been released from prison. My former housemate and close friend was living with me on home detention for a year when he was released on parole so my issue is not in regards to their criminal...
  6. A

    VIC Residential Tenants and Condition Report

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can clarify for me in regards to a condition report. My tenants moved out on Friday July 30th. My property manager went and did a condition report on the following Monday morning ( August 2nd) and found everything to be good. My daughter moved in late that afternoon...
  7. A

    VIC Residential Tenant wants out.

    Hi, I have a tenant who has a residential lease with me until November 2021. He has recently bought a property and ideally would like me to agree to terminating the lease. This property is on the coast and six to eight months of the year I rent it out full time thenI have regulars who come every...
  8. Joanne Mansell

    VIC Supreme Court want my home address

    I have no fixed address and the Supreme Court want me to give them one. Not sure what to do. Other side are untrustworthy and have had me followed, constantly intimidate me make me very unsettled. I literally are constantly moving around. I am concerned that as I am the applicant the other side...
  9. M

    Released deposit on residential property in QLD and cannot meet conditions?

    Hello, We paid a deposit ($65,000) on a residential property in QLD and released the deposit to help the ageing Vendors secure another property in a hot market. We then put our house on the market to sell. We were bouyed by the confidence of agents selling homes within 2 weeks. HOwever our...
  10. A

    VIC Residential Tenants - Vacating Condition of Premises

    I have just moved back into my property after having tenants occupying the property for 4 years. I have a two way bathroom with different keys in both doors. One of the doors is locked and won't open with the key which is in it. My handyman is of the opinion that it's not the right key ...