WA RAC Threatening to Sue Me - Am I Liable to Pay?

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28 August 2014
Hi all

As the title suggested, I am about to be sued by RAC if they don't get the money by a deadline.

What happened is I was involved in a motorbike accident early last month, and I was at fault according to my insurer, which is AAMI.

As soon as accident occurred, both drivers exchanged details, and I called my car insurance company and paid for my exceed fees, and they will do the rest, at least that's for I think.

Just recently, I got a letter from RAC, they are with the other driver. The letter basically saying AAMI has failed to settle a claim with them, and now I am liable for the outstanding amount. I then called RAC and tell them I am not involved any part of this, they should be after AAMI, not me. They simply recommended me to contact AAMI and find out what's going on. They say they have not heard anything from AAMI ever since they sent all the documents to them. I refused because it's between 2 insurance companies and I am not a debt collector for RAC anyway.

Right now, do you think they have a case? Do you think I am still liable for the outstanding amount?

Thank you for helping.


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2 October 2015

Please keep trying to contact AAMI. Try email and phone - go through the claims line.
You have paid the excess and should not be up for any more dollars unless of course there is a situation where you have not paid your insurance.

If RAC try to contact you again, let them know that you have paid your excess and to contact AAMI for more information.

Good luck