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    WA Got Reversed into in a Car Park - Help?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me some help with the incident we had yesterday. We were in a Coles' supermarket car park and was reversing straight out of our parking lot. When our car was almost completely out of the bay, I saw the car parked behind us started reversing in the...
  2. B

    WA Can I Claim Costs from RAC?

    Hi, I have involved in a car accident where the 3rd party is at fault and my car of the approx market value of $6000 is likely to be a total lose. I took a taxi $40 back home and paid for mine and my Dad's doctor's consultation fee $90 each. I am on full car insurance and the 3rd party is on...
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    WA Paid for Pre-Inspection Deposit on Car - Dealer Refusing Refund?

    I live in a smaller town and on 29/01/2016 rang up a dealer in Perth for RAC inspection for a used car. The dealer agreed in return for $500 deposit on the car which I paid on the phone by credit card. Later on 01/02/2016, the car was found to have problems requiring expensive work and I...
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    WA Car Problems - Costs Covered Under Australian Consumer Law?

    I bought a car just over three months ago, a 2002 model and the valve cover gasket needs replacing, the problem started within the three months and have documents from RAC to prove that it was present from within two months of buying it. Does the dealer I purchased from have to fix this under...
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    WA Australian Consumer Law - Who should Pay to Replace Engine?

    Hi Folks, Last week i had my car serviced by the same dealership i purchased my used car from; it's part of the warranty deal. The car has since blown an engine whilst driving on a short holiday. When the RAC arrived they informed me that the radiator caps where incorrectly fitted and the...
  6. K

    WA RAC Threatening to Sue Me - Am I Liable to Pay?

    Hi all As the title suggested, I am about to be sued by RAC if they don't get the money by a deadline. What happened is I was involved in a motorbike accident early last month, and I was at fault according to my insurer, which is AAMI. As soon as accident occurred, both drivers exchanged...