VIC Purchased House with Misleading Advertisements - Sue for Compensation?

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Brent McCarty

29 July 2015
Hi all,
I've just purchased my first house and it has been a nightmare! I employed the services of a conveyancer who was useless to put it mildly. The real estate agent I was dealing with was arrogant and near impossible to communicate with. And now to top it off, I've just moved in to my house and have discovered that several features listed on the advertisement aren't even in the house!

I know I should have realised this when I performed the final inspection prior to settlement but fact is I didn't. So my question is, do I have any grounds under property law to sue for compensation from either the real estate agents or the vendor?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Brent,

In VIC, as in other states, real estate agents are required to ensure that any representations or advertisements they put out there are not misleading or deceptive.

It is an offence under state and federal law for an estate agent to mislead or deceive a consumer by their conduct or representations. Agents must act honestly and make sure their advertising truthfully describes a property's characteristics including its.
  • size
  • features and fixtures
  • location
  • future developments and potential
  • price.
I would contact Consumer Affairs and go from there.