VIC Notified to Vacate Rental Property by Real Estate Agents - Compensation?

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Paul Dodkins

5 August 2015
I have twice been given sixty days notice to vacate rental property within 18 months due to renovations. Both times, no renovations were carried out. Can I get compensation for moving costs from the real estate agents?


Hi Paul,

Since you have no contractual agreement with the real estate agent and I doubt the real estate agent had anything to do with deciding to do or not do the renovations I would say no, you have no recourse against the real estate agent.

The landlord on the other hand, perhaps. The law states that a 60 day notice to vacate can be given to a tenant if renovations or repairs are to be carried out and they cannot be carried out with the tenant living there. I am not sure whether the requirement to perform the renovations can be enforced at law or not.

I would contact Consumer Affairs in VIC and speak to them about your options.