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Real estate is "property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this (also) an item of real property, (more generally) buildings or housing in general.

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  1. T

    QLD 2 Executors and Form 105 "Affidavit Supporting Probate Application"

    My sister and I are executors of our brother's estate, She lives in Sydney, I in Qld. Do we both have to be deponents to Form 105? If so, is it ok for one to sign and JP to witness in Qld and send form to Sydney for my sister to sign and have a different JP in Sydney to witness and then Lodge...
  2. B

    NSW Beneficiary of will

    I am a discharged bankrupt. My question is part of the debt was to my mum who became one of the creditors in my bankruptcy. While some of the money was paid back not all was . So when she passes away is the remaining debt written off or taken off what I will inherit.
  3. P

    $60 Dishonour Fee Charged by Real Estate Agent

    Hi experts, My real estate agent charged me a $60 dishonour fee for a failed direct debit on my ongoing rental payments. The $60 dishonour fee term is in the tenancy agreement (which I've signed), but the amount is excessive by all measures. My bank (citibank) only mentions a dishonour fee of...
  4. N

    NSW Executor / Estate Attorney Demanding Beneficiaries Sign Statutory Declarations in order to Receive their Distributions from Estate

    I am one of ten (10) beneficiaries of a Will in equal shares. The estate is all cash. I have been asked to sign a Statutory Declaration that includes provisions regarding a) not being an undischarged bankrupt, b) I have not pledged estate assets to secure a debt and also c) to indemnify the...
  5. S

    QLD Real Estate Agents and Tennants Rights

    Hi, and thank you so kindly for reading: I believe I have the rights to sue a real estate agency but don't know where to go from here. Can you recommend any pro bona lawers? I also feel doing this helps as I do not want anyone else to end up in the situation as myself. My issues are: 1...
  6. I

    WA Duties/notifications/timeline for executor handling a deceased estate.

    So I have managed to navigate my way through the probate process and have now been granted probate. Question 1. I've read that a challenge or debt can be claimed for 12 months from the death (family) and 6 months from the grant of probate (debt claim). One of the beneficiaries would like to get...
  7. Ted North

    NSW Real Estate Agent mismanagement

    Good Evening I have an investment property in NSW and we have recently been informed that the tenants moved out. We have found communication with our agent to be terrible and have started with a new agent. Our new agent has performed an inspection for us and has informed us that the house is in...
  8. T

    QLD Mum died intestate sisters won't tell me who is handling her estate.

    Hi, my mum died intestate in March this year, my father died 10 years ago, I have 2 sisters. My mum's house title shows her as sole owner with a bank mortgage attached to it, my sisters have lived in mum's house for many years. I have requested information from my eldest sister on what is...
  9. D

    VIC Statement of Estate

    Hi This in relation to preparing Estate Inventory, Income & Assets for records, although very minimal with no probate required. I presume this is a Non Estate Asset? 1. Would a retirement pension annuity need to be listed in the reports (as e.g asset) although the funds are distributed outside...
  10. kate_004

    QLD New Estate Retaining Wall Responsibility

    We are looking to purchase a block of land and build a house on it. The seller of the land has said that they will not build a retaining wall that is required due to the way the land is being cut and filled for our new lot (this construction is currently underway). Relatives of mine in the...