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NSW Property Settlement with De Facto - Will It Take Months?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by SydneySider, 1 September 2015.

  1. SydneySider

    SydneySider Member

    1 September 2015
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    My de facto partner of 25 years really wants to keep our house (by far our biggest asset) with a very large debt. I want to downsize and pay off debt. We can’t agree.

    If I end the relationship, can she drag out property settlement for months costing more interest from the debt, or can the house sale be forced to proceed promptly?

    We have no children, and we share pretty much all bills.
  2. rebeccag

    rebeccag Well-Known Member

    8 April 2014
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    Where you can't agree about property settlement, it rarely 'proceeds promptly' unfortunately! Reaching an agreement between yourselves is the most beneficial option. You might find this information about separation and property settlement useful:

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