Points of Claim Template for VCAT Domestic Building Conference

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Sarah K

22 June 2014
Hi. I am representing myself at a VCAT compulsory conference and I need to file a Points of Claim. Is there a template anywhere that I can use as a guide as to how to set it out? I have the information and points of law that I need to address, I just dont know how to set it out. There is a template for one to use for a Residential Tenancies matter, but mine is not a Residential Tenancies matter. My matter involves breaches of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995, Building Regulations 2006 and Building Code of Australia 2007. Can you direct me to a template or advise on how to set it out.
many thanks
Sarah K

Michael T

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Hi Sarah,
I think its the same format for the Points of Claim for if you have a Residential Tenancies matter or a Domestic Building Contracts matter. Have a look at this VCAT 'Frequently Asked Questions about Civil Claim disputes' fact sheet (particularly the bottom of page 2 to page 3 which outlines that ‘points of claim set out the applicant’s version of relevant events in a chronological order, in separate, numbered paragraphs … The applicant identifies the ‘building blocks of their case ... the things they must prove in order to succeed’).

You can also have a look at these previous VCAT decisions which quote parts of the relevant applicants' Points of Claim:
I hope you find this helpful.
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