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  1. D

    VIC Council

    Recently I wanted to install a fence on our small front yard. I contacted the council twice and spoke to someone from planning and building and were told by both departments that I would not require a permit. I even doubled check with a building surveyor before going ahead with building, and got...
  2. Jason987008

    VIC Adding Gateway into Fence Without Neighbors Permission?

    can i add a gateway in my fence that is in line with my Neighbors drive way, so that i have emergency access. can i do this without asking permission. I am not intending to use the gateway i only want to add it as an emergency access because i do not have car access to my back yard.
  3. B

    VIC Can I Make a Claim Against Council for Negligence?

    I'm seeking some tips regarding whether I can make a claim against a Council for negligence in the assessment of engineering and planning permit plans. Note that building permit was issued by a private building surveyor but levels of the house were determined through the planning process. My...
  4. D

    VIC Received Building Notice from Council - Recourse?

    Hi, I recently received a building notice from my council asking me to show cause with reason given in the notice that my house corner fence located within 9m of the point of intersecting street alignments has been built which is in excess of the 1m height measuring from footpath level without...
  5. S

    WA FOI Refusing Information on Company Name?

    Hi, We are trying to find out the company name of a certified building surveyor who provided a certificate of design compliance for a building permit relating to an opt-in JDAP development approval on a development adjacent to us. We asked the permit authority (City of Stirling), who refused...
  6. D

    VIC Neighbour Adding Boundary Fences Without Permission?

    My neighbour attached a wall to our boundary fence. He did not ask my permission and I would have rejected his request for the following reasons: - It adds weight to the fence which could potentially make it lean. - There is now a cavity between the wall and fence where leaves, etc., can...
  7. D

    TAS Build Not Likely to Pass Certificate of Compliance - Get Lawyer?

    I have had an external deck which needed a Building Permit is being built by a Builder. In the last few weeks, I have found there are a number of problems with the build (which will fail final inspection). The Architect who designed the deck said I should just play ignorant to it all and let it...
  8. N

    VIC Property Law - Purchasing Property Without Building Permit from Owners?

    Looking at buying a property to which the owners have added a pergola without having a building permit. Can I apply for a post factum permit without being fined under Property Law? Can I be forced to demolish it?
  9. S

    WA Contract Law - Confusion Over Master Builders Contract

    I signed the contract (Home Building Works Contract HBW2012 / Master Builders) with Builder on 30/03/2015 to build my house. By 03/09/2015, builder received all necessary approvals by relevant authorities in order to start work. According to the contract Clause 10 it says "The builder must...
  10. U

    VIC Australian Consumer Law - Excessive Invoice but No Quotation?

    Hi there, recently had a draftsman do preliminary drawings and was charged $2500 with no quotation. I paid it as I had made changes to the plan a few times. I went back to get work on the drawings done, and the draftsman began working on drawings and made it clear that my builder is applying for...