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    VIC Can I Make a Claim Against Council for Negligence?

    I'm seeking some tips regarding whether I can make a claim against a Council for negligence in the assessment of engineering and planning permit plans. Note that building permit was issued by a private building surveyor but levels of the house were determined through the planning process. My...
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    WA FOI Refusing Information on Company Name?

    Hi, We are trying to find out the company name of a certified building surveyor who provided a certificate of design compliance for a building permit relating to an opt-in JDAP development approval on a development adjacent to us. We asked the permit authority (City of Stirling), who refused...
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    VIC Consent to Build Over an Easement?

    Hello, I am a homeowner in Victoria and purchased a house with a shed built on top of an Easement 2 years ago. I have the relevant applications & certificate of final inspection for the shed. I currently have a broken sewer and the plumbers have had to cut the slab of the shed up to access...