Permission for Taking Child on Holidays?

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12 May 2014
Hi I was wondering if there is something that says a parent has to seek permission from the other parent about taking the child out of the town they are living in for holidays, or do they only need the other parents permission to take them out of the country? Hubby's ex wife wants to take his daughter out of school for holidays but we said we would only agree to the changes if the child didn't miss any school. There are no formal consent orders in place, just a parenting plan that was done between each household.


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19 April 2014
Hi Caz,
It sounds like you'd revert back to the terms of your Parenting Plan if you both agreed in the plan that you agreed that your child can be taken out of town for holidays only if they don't miss any school. Otherwise, they parent wanting to travel with the child needs to get permission from the other parent to go outside of what was agreed in the Parenting Plan. Ultimately, the parents made that Parenting Plan to look after the best interests of the child and both parents need to come back to that principle when they think about deviating from the Plan.

Yes it does seem that most of the information about Children & Travel has to do with stopping children from being taken overseas or relocated.

It might be worth highlighting to the ex that if the ex can't abide but the terms of your Parenting Plan, then you may then have to go down the path of more rigid, legally enforceable Consent Orders to solidify the parenting arrangements (or if no agreement can be made, a Parenting Order).

Hope this information helps.