QLD Passport for Child - Father's Whereabouts Unknown

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8 August 2015
I have applied for a passport for my daughter. We booked to go the end of this month. I have tried to contact the father - no chance and I got in touch with his mum and sister. They say no known address and he doesn't have a phone and is also homeless. He has been out of her life 13 years out of 14. How do I get it quickly?


Hi Sherrie,

If you don't have a court order permitting your child to travel abroad and consent of the father cannot be obtained after all avenues have been exhausted, you can request that the application be considered under 'special circumstances'.

You will need to submit:
  • a statement stating why the necessary consent has not and cannot be obtained, and explain the special circumstances relevant to the application,and
  • the child's full birth certificate, and
  • the originals of all court orders affecting parental responsibility for the child